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Rules & Regulations

We request all parents to co-operate with us in observing discipline as follows

Be Punctual

All kids are expected to be inside the school premises by 8.30 a.m. However a grace period of 5 to 10 minutes is acceptable on valid reasons. 

Plan Meals

Parents are required to follow the snack/lunch chart for providing snacks to their ward. Do not forget to provide a napkin/small towel along with the lunch box.

Maintain Hygiene

Nails in trimmed condition are imperative for reasons of hygiene and safety. Parents are requested to observe this meticulously.

Contact Policy

Parents are requested not to drop any message/call to the management during school hours.  Emergency situations are exceptional.

School Fee

The school fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances. The term fees paid after the due date may attract late fee.

If the fee is not paid till the last working day of the month, child's name will be struck off the rolls and the re- admission will have to be sought.

Arrival & Dispersal

Parents are requested not to accompany their wards to the class rooms at arrival time. At dispersal time they should collect their wards from the school gate.

School Uniform

Kids need to be neatly dressed in the full stipulated uniform. The uniform should be clean & ironed.

Meeting Teachers

Parents can meet their respective class teachers only on genuine reasons after school hours.

ID Cards

ID cards should be worn every day. The school does not take any responsibility for loss of ID card unless it is found in the school. Parents will have to pay for the new ID card.


Parents are requested not to send their kid to the school during illness, to obviate any infection to other children.

Notify Absence

When the kid is unable to attend school for any reason whatsoever, Parents are requested to keep the school informed. The process of applying leave is for parents to write a letter to the respective class teacher well in advance, notifying dates and reason for absence.


Attending Parent-Teacher's Meeting is mandatory for parents.

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