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Areas of Learning

Diverse Learning 

Playing with Play Dough


We continually expose kids to oral and written language to help them develop literacy. We use pictures, play, and the printed word, along with oral language, to build on prior knowledge and language experiences.

Beginner's Math

We help kids to develop a strong understanding of basic math concepts through engaging activities and the use of the abacus. The use of hands-on objects and the incorporation of interactive games help the kids to develop a strong foundation in math and develop fine motor skills.

Drawing Class

Art & Craft

We believe that art and craft are essential tools for helping kids learn and explore their creative minds.  The youngsters learn best when they're having fun, and expressing themselves in unique ways. Our activities help kids learn to think outside the box, problem-solving & develop cognitive skills.

Games & Life Lessons

At Aarambhl, we help kids grow and develop life skills through the power of play! By playing games and engaging in fun activities, kids learn important lessons that they can take with them throughout their lives. Through our play-based approach, children have the opportunity to explore, create, and grow in a safe and nurturing environment.

Kid Piling Blocks
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